Life Amendment outreach

As people pray, we seek true healing

Throughout the state of California in coming weeks, Christians will gather to pray for the future of our nation.  Lord willing, we hope to go to as many of these events as possible, encouraging those who gather to ask God to “heal our land” by not only seeking God’s face but also “turning from our wicked ways” (2 Chronicles 7:14), especially the innocent blood polluting our land. We seek to cooperate in every way possible with the organizers of these prayer events, yet our appreciation of their efforts leads us to emphasize the necessity of taking a firm stand for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Specifically, our efforts will emphasize the Life Amendment’s strategic efforts to end our American Holocaust. God’s people need to know about this positive strategy which is immune to interference from hostile courts (unlike the vast majority of pro-life legislation)!

We have already personally invested hundreds of dollars in this tour, with additional ministry resources provided by Crusade for Life (the organization leading the Life Amendment effort), and our finances are almost completely depleted.  Without your financial support, we may need to cut our tour short (but we hope to persevere).

To keep up with our tour activities, watch us on Facebook, on our personal pages and on the Life Amendment page.

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