After the repeal of the Eighth Amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, we updated the song When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.

There’s a tear in your eye
but I can’t wonder why
for this never should happen at all.
On the shores of this isle
we protected this child
but now teardrops are starting to fall.
Will your sweet lilting laughter forever be gone
and your eyes no more twinkling be?
While we mourn for you child
I remember your smile,
just the way your smile used to be.

When Irish eyes were smiling
sure was like a morn in spring
In the lilt of Irish laughter
you could hear the angels sing.
When Irish hearts were happy
all the world seemed bright as day
but now Irish eyes are crying
’cause they’re crushing your heart today.

Oh, your smile was a part
of the love in His heart,
will it make Heaven’s sunshine more bright?
If they silence your song,
can we tarry here long?
till this isle will be darkened by night?
For the spark of new life is the seed of His call,
If we listen we’ll never regret.
While this life still is ours
throughout all of our hours,
save their lives every chance that we get.

When Irish Eyes are crying
will we mourn or will we sing?
Can we save their lives and laughter
with the help of angel’s wings?
Make Irish mamas happy,
pray for God to make a way.
To help Irish eyes keep smiling,
save a precious life today.

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