Nehemiah bows to King Artaxerxes

A battle is raging all around us for the future of our nation. The current election is a key aspect of that battle, as the leaders our citizens are now choosing will set the agenda for our nation on many battlefields (including but not limited to abortion) which will have a huge impact on all of us in the coming years. Does God expect His people to get our hands dirty to make a difference in this battle, or does He want us to only cast our vote symbolically, choosing the most “righteous” candidate even if we have no doubt that such a candidate will have no impact on the current battles?

Everyone knows that the current major candidates do things which are often embarrassing and sinful. Is it a sin to support such a political leader whose actions at times seem to show a lack of respect for God? Or does God actually call His people to honor and serve unrighteous leaders for righteous purposes?

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