Pro-life activism in Bakersfield

Glorify Jesus With Us!

Picture yourself in a darkened theater watching a new play. To help you know where to focus your attention, a spotlight is directed toward the star of the production. To “glorify Jesus,” we put Him in the spotlight!

Every time we receive a grateful hug from a mother whose baby was saved from abortion, we give the glory to God. He is the true Rescuer; we are merely His hands and feet.

Glorify Jesus Ministries supports the projects, publications and strategies of Tim and Terri Palmquist, whether working with LifeSavers Ministries being used by God to save moms and babies on the streets of Bakersfield or collaborating with seasoned leaders developing strategies to end abortion throughout the nation.

Please consider partnering with us, dedicating your time, talents or treasures to the glory of God, ministering to Him through “the least of these” and their mothers for whom He died.

Pressing On Toward Victory

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