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Abortion: A Gospel Issue?

Take just one minute to read this pamphlet on our  Pastors Pro-Life Resource Center site and understand why a clear stand against abortion should be a high priority for anyone who claims to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Abortion: A Gospel Issue?

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“On Friday, I took the abortion pill (RU486). I am so regretful I want to keep this baby if it isn’t too late!! I cannot and will not kill this baby! I was forced into this abortion and now I don’t care what I have to do to save it. Help Me and my baby please!!“


Elisa, Newark NJ

“With all your blessings and prayers I proudly delivered my first baby girl after 7 boys! Her name is Emily and is perfect in every way! I cannot express my gratitude enough! God saved my daughter and I am so very thankful that it was because of you! “


Elisa (8 months later)

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This battle won’t be won without the full Body of Christ — that includes you! Please pray about finding time to intercede for the moms and babies. Of course we also need and appreciate financial donations.

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