Palmquists discuss pro-life history and strategies

Pastor Daniel Parks, executive director of Cities4Life in Charlotte, interviewed Tim and Terri Palmquist during their recent visit to North Carolina. He entitled the interview “Gleaning Wisdom from Pro-Life Pioneers….” Beginning with their recollections of how Christians responded to Roe v. Wade, the Palmquists explained how God led them into pro-life ministry (how He even used a girl’s lie for good). They also shared how God saved a child physically and spiritually, how God used a baby in a jar, and some personal experiences with Operation Rescue and Life Chain. The Palmquists point to their relationship with a true pro-life pioneer leading them to get involved with national efforts to end abortion, realizing how churches and politics are not incompatible. But some of the most important wisdom originated from a Charlotte-based hero. 


Hear how God saved a child’s soul after saving his life


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